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Have you bought Groupon tickets for the Pannenkoekenboot? Follow these steps to make a reservation for a 75 Minute Cruise with the Pannenkoekenboot Amsterdam. It is advisable to read carefully and follow the steps. You can only book in this way with the Groupon tickets!

If you didn’t booked in this way, you can not use the Groupon tickets and you have to pay the normal price on board!


  • valid during a 75 Minute Cruise
  • valid at surrender of the Groupon tickets on board
  • valid from May 11 2016 till May 31 2017
  • excl. € 0.65 p.p. entertainment tax (payment on board)
  • not valid on holidays and during school holidays
  • not valid in combination of arrangements, combination tickets or other discounts
  • we have a limited number of places per cruise for this Groupon campaign
  • the Groupon is only valid for the day and departure time you have booked for. If you are not on board, you can not re-use the Groupon.

If you bought the Groupon, follow these steps to make a booking for a cruise:
1. Go to the online booking system of the Pannenkoekenboot.
2. Choose the departure date and time of the 75 Minute Cruise.

3. There are Groupons for 1, 2, 4, 6 and 10 persons. You can make the booking for the number of persons your Groupon is valid.
4. Choose the number of persons, please fill in your details and click on ‘make a reservation’.
5. Choose for the paymend method  Unieke Code G’ and fill in your Groupon code at the field ‘unique code or code of gift card’. You can find the Groupon code at the left top of your Groupon. 

6. Round off your reservation. You will receive the confirmation of your booking by e-mail.
7. Bring along the e-mailconfirmation and the Groupon to the Pannenkoekenboot. You need to hand in the Groupon on board!

You can make 1 booking per Groupon. If you have multiple Groupons, you need to make multiple reservations on the same reservation name. Youo can board 15 minutes before departure. Be on time, because the boat leaves on time and the captain can not wait if you are late.

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