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Autumn Holiday

Are you looking for a fun and tasty getaway during your Autumn Vacation? Board the Pancakeboat and enjoy all the nice things of Amsterdam.  There are extra cruises in the holidays!

During the cruise you can see all the impressive new buildings along the river IJ, and see how Amsterdam changes. The old buildings disappear and new buildings like the EYE Museum take their place. In the summer there is a chance that we meet multiple cruise ships during the trip. Next to that you can also see the impressive ships and shipyard. You can eat as many pancakes as you can on board. After you’re full of pancakes, you can take a dive in our big ball pit, or get some fresh air on the deck.

Below is the timetable during the Autumn Holiday (21 October to 29 October):

Cruises Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Familie Cruise
75 Minutenvaart at 12.30 at 12.30 at 12.30 at 12.30
75 Minutenvaart at 14.15 at 14.15 at 14.15 at 14.15 at 13.00
75 Minutenvaart at 16.00 at 16.00 at 16.00 at 16.00 at 16.00 at 16.00
75 Minutenvaart at 17.45 at 17.45 at 17.45 at 17.45 at 17.45 at 17.45


We recommend you to book your ticket directly online. Book in advance to prevent disappointment.

Point of Departure

The point of departure of the Pancakeboat is at the Ms. van Riemsdijkweg in Amsterdam North. (Navigation adres: Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 33)

The Pancakeboat can be reached by ferry, and there are (paid) parking places. For more information about the point of departure, please refer to this page.