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Allergies information

Standard pancake batter

We bake our pancakes in butter from Gouda’s Glorie. Our pancake batter contains:
– cow’s milk protein
– lactose
– chicken egg
– gluten
– wheat
– salt (< 2%)


Special pancake batter (gluten, egg, milk and soy free and vegan)

We have special batter for the following dietary requirements and allergies:
– gluten allergy
– chicken egg allergye
– milk allergy / lactose allergy
– soy allergy
– vegan diet

When booking you can indicate how many persons want to use this special pancake batter. The cooks will bake the special pancakes for you in oil in a separate pan.

Do you have another allergy or diet? You can bring your own special pancake batter (ready-made) to the boat, so the cooks can bake pancakes in a separate pan with your own batter. If you bring your own batter to the boat, please let us know in advance. You can inform us by telephone or e-mail.